Due Process


Each and every student on Missouri college campuses should feel safe from, both, violent attacks and false accusations. The Missouri Campus Due Process Coalition supports reforms to Missouri law to ensure that, both, the accuser and the accused receive due process as provided by our Constitution.

Due process ensures that justice is served, victims are protected and the accused receive the legal protections our country expects. However, currently, many campuses fail to protect due process for students.

Support Due Process


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Our coalition supports reforms that would provide due process protections for both the victim and the accused. Missouri HB 573 & SB 259 require institutions of higher education to adopt hearing procedures for formal Title IX complaints which:

  1. Testimony is made under oath
  2. Guarantee due process for all parties per the Constitution and Bill of Rights
  3. Require credibility to law enforcement reports and sworn affidavits
  4. Guarantee all students the right to:
  • Representation by attorney
  • Present any and all evidence, including testimony by witnesses
  • Have all evidence and testimony presented considered
  • Cross-examine any party or witness
  • Receive before the hearing, all names of all persons who will be present at the hearing as decision makers
  • Reject any decision maker who has bias, conflict or friend of any witness